About Us

Unlike most charitable organizations, Israel Support Fund is not affiliated with an institution or a parent company. We do not endorse any political or doctrinal ideologies. We simply desire to serve God and His people. Also unlike most organizations, ISF does not need to seek out those in need - we go straight to them. Through our network of “front-line” volunteers with Hatzolah, Zaka, members of the community, and word of mouth, we are contacted directly and dispatched to those in need.

We believe that legitimate needs must be addressed and fulfilled immediately. The details can be handled later. We don’t require those in need to make presentations, fill out forms, and wait for decisions. We at ISF want to be regarded as a friend to Israel. A friend is someone you go to when he needs you. So, this is our motto. We go to them. Now.

We feed the hungry.
We clothe the ragged.
We do whatever we are asked.

And, because we are working at the grassroots level, we know who we are helping and their true need.

We don’t promise any benefits or rewards to our donors. No names on buildings. No monuments to philanthropy. The rewards lies in knowing that they – YOU! – have performed a good work and brought joy to God’s heart, the heart of someone in need, and to your own.

Check out our “Projects” links for details on what we’ve accomplished.

All donations are tax-deductible.